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Thanks to your team for good gaming software and constant informational support. I plan to order some more new products from your catalogue soon.

The opportunity to download a demo allowed me to test the games before ordering them. I selected several relevant products for my site. Special thanks to the managers who helped me set up the software.

I chose the 2WinPower company due to its worthy work experience and impeccable reputation. I launched my first gambling project. That is why the quality of the service and the relevance of software play a critical role for me.

I recommend games from this brand to all novices. If you need any advice regarding the operation of software and the gambling business in general, consultants will answer your questions. I often turn to them and receive many useful tips)

I diversified my assortment by ordering gaming novelties from 2WinPower. My customers have appreciated them. Online traffic has increased dramatically. It's incredible!

2WinPower specialists helped me choose the perfect gaming solutions for launching my web start-up. They assisted me in developing my business strategy. Thanks for your professionalism!

This is not the first time I have bought software from this provider. I am pleased with constant discounts and special offers. I will continue to cooperate with you guys! Newcomers, you can rely on this company!

I like everything in your solutions: the quality of graphics, musical design, the originality of plots, bonus options, and other features. Your software is ideal for starting an international project. I was convinced of this from my own experience.

The exploration of reviews is one of the key points when choosing a gambling site for a new client.

Potential customers can learn more about a web resource, evaluate particular slots, and assess the transparency of the bonus policy before depositing based on the recommendations of other gamers.

Reviews on online casinos are important for business owners too. The reputation of a gaming site and the further development strategy of the entire project depend on them.

The 2WinPower studio monitors the comments feed carefully. We do our best to provide clients with the most accurate and objective assessment of a gambling site.

Real Comments: Characteristics and Differences

One of the most frequent questions of potential slot machine sites’ customers is how to distinguish real reviews about online casinos from comments written on a by-order basis.

Familiarise yourself with criteria for evaluating live reviews from 2WinPower studio specialists:

Rating and Status of a Player

The most detailed and reliable reviews are comments written by experienced gamers who have long been registered on a site. Such players regularly visit the platform. They have studied its functionality well. Steady customers can structure information properly without getting overwhelmed by emotions.

An experienced user can publish a detailed review of a web resource, ranging from such features as the verification procedure to the speed of payments and the quality of communication with the support team.

You should not ignore the emotional reviews about slots too. A beginner who shares his or her excitement about winning a jackpot can play a decisive role in choosing a gaming portal for other users.

Volume of a Comment

It is very difficult to form a complete opinion about a site from short reviews. As a rule, such comments evoke neutral or negative emotions because they have no real semantic value.

The longer the comment, the more information a user can get from it.

We should also highlight reviews oversaturated with SEO components (for example, search queries). Real people do not write comments that way. There is a high probability that such reviews were created by a bot or purchased on a by-order basis. They may include the necessary information. However, such comments will not generate confidence among readers.

Structure and Informational Content of a Review

The most informative and popular type of player reviews is a description of their experience of interacting with a web resource. It is possible to understand the structure of the site and the functionality of specific software components thanks to them.

Important nuances that may be highlighted in the comments


Users share their personal experience of receiving bonuses and wagering, as well as some game strategies

Payment system

Beginners will be interested in available payment methods, bet limits, and the speed of withdrawal


Information about the structure of a site, description of specific sections, mention of various functions that simplify the gameplay will come in handy for users


A new customer should know that a casino guarantees such defence mechanism:

  • safety and confidentiality of personal data;
  • transparent play;
  • security of financial information.

The mention of a licence and certificates for gaming software plays an important role in the formation of users’ opinions about a slot machine site


A potential client should know how the registration procedure is performed. He or she will be able to learn how long does it take to confirm the identity and find out if there is a quick login function for verified players

Customer support

The reputation of a casino largely depends on the professionalism of the client support team, the convenience of feedback channels, and the speed of response

Emotional Component

The 2WinPower studio welcomes the publication of informative comments with a clear justification for the rating of an establishment. We recommend you to treat overly emotional reviews with caution. Moreover, their focus (positive or negative assessment) does not really matter.

Emotions should not prevail over facts.

The Importance of Comments for iGaming Projects’ Owners

Casino players’ reviews are a powerful tool for building productive relationships with your audience and creating a good reputation for your brand.

Comments can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Analysis of users’ reactions. If a potential client leaves the page after reading the comments, there is information that does not satisfy him or her. This is a reason to study the publications in more detail and take measures to optimise the resource.
  2. Control/assessment of activity. If comments appear regularly, it means that a site is interesting to the audience. Users have opinions about the structure of the resource, its functionality, and content. The resource is active and constantly visited by players.
  3. Feedback. The administration's responses to players’ comments make a resource more open and informative for a new audience. The presence of comments from the customer service team indicates that the virtual establishment is interested in further optimisation.
  4. Reaction to negative comments. Some sites just remove negative comments. Although, they can also be used to improve interaction with consumers. Having answered a controversial issue, an establishment shows its reaction to unforeseen situations and interest in honest, non-repayable opinions from real players.

The Main Thing about Reviews on Slot Machine Sites

Real comments from players are an important part of building the image and reputation of an online casino.

  • Reviews on slot sites from experienced gamblers are considered the most valuable. Such people are less prone to emotional outbursts. They can justify their assessment of a site rationally, describe the available functions in detail, and highlight the pros and cons of using the resource.
  • Real comments can be recognised thanks to their content. Short reviews without a semantic load will not help a new user form an opinion about an online resource. The decisive arguments in favour of registering on the site will be voluminous, informative comments without unnecessary emotional load.
  • Real feedback can be used as a strategy for optimising a project. The resolution of controversial issues and comprehensive response to comments on behalf of an establishment’s administration demonstrates its interest in further development. Such an attitude helps to form a trusting relationship with the target audience.
Read real reviews on casinos, leave your comments, and offer solutions for website optimisation on our page.

The 2WinPower studio is interested in feedback from clients. We do our best to bring you only a positive experience.

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