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What is Volatility in Online Casinos?

The concept of volatility is associated with the theory of probability. It means a mathematical deviation from the expected result. In the gambling industry, this value shows the level of riskiness of a particular slot game.

There are three main types of volatility:

  1. Low. Such slots bring frequent small wins. As a rule, the amount of the prize does not exceed the amount of the bet made by a player.
  2. Medium. The size of the prize fund is almost equal to the frequency of winning combinations.
  3. High. Winnings do not happen often. However, their size significantly exceeds the sum of bets.

It is important not to confuse volatility with Return Percentage (RTP). Volatility shows how much the level of pay-outs can differ from the indicators declared by the developers.

What Payment Systems are Suitable for Withdrawing Winnings?

The variability of payment methods depends on the policy of an establishment. If an operator works only with the local market, the main payment method most likely is transfers from bank cards.

Transactions using electronic wallets (Qiwi, WebMoney, etc.) are also popular.

Often casino sites offer popular multicurrency services:

  • Neteller;
  • PayPal;
  • Click2Pay;
  • Skrill, etc.

Information about the available payment options for making bets can be posted in a special section on a casino website or in a player's account.

The choice of a particular tool depends only on the preferences of a gamer. For example, some users prefer Visa/MasterCard bank cards. At the same time, other players use exclusively the WebMoney mobile app.

When replenishing your account, the gaming system will offer you available payment options. You only have to click on the desired icon.

How to Choose the Right Slot to Play?

Casino machines differ from each other not only in their symbolism. They have different configurations, mechanics and pay-out percentages.

Contrary to the persisting stereotype about the "greed" of casinos, operators are interested in giving you a decent amount of money. This is a good way to increase users’ interest in the gaming process, motivate them to visit a website again and make new bets.

The task of a beginner is to choose the machine with the highest RTP from the offered assortment. Information about all the parameters and configuration of a slot should be indicated in the description of the game.

Here are the main parameters to consider when choosing a slot:

  1. RTP. This is the theoretical percentage of return for a long game. It means that the machine will definitely return you most of the money spent during a continuous session.
  2. Volatility. This indicator shows the frequency of winnings. It is possible to get frequent, but small sums, or place bets on slots with high volatility. In this case, the amount of the prize is higher, but the winnings do not happen too often.
What Should a Player Do if a Casino Does Not Pay Winnings?

If you are registered in an official casino with a licence, but for some reason, the ordered withdrawal of funds failed, you should write a letter to the customer support service.

Important nuance: the letter should be sent from the e-mail that was indicated when registering the game account. Indicate your username, amount, and date of the ordered transfer in your request.

Here are the most common reasons for refusal to withdraw winnings:

  1. You have not met the wagering requirements. Usually, the balance information is displayed at the top of the screen in green (available for withdrawal) or red (denial of a transaction). For more information on wagering rules and restrictions on transfers, please contact our support team.
  2. The system for withdrawing funds was indicated incorrectly. As a rule, transactions are carried out within one payment system. For example, if a player made a deposit from a bank card, he or she should indicate the same payment method to receive a monetary transfer.
  3. The need for verification. Sometimes, users that follow all the wagering rules and indicate the correct payment system, receive letters about the cancellation of transactions and the need to pass the verification procedure. Account verification rules can be found on a payment agent's website.
Is it Possible to Register Two or More Accounts?

No, only one gaming account can be registered on a casino site. It allows equalising the possibilities of users. This approach will make it impossible to gain additional gaming advantages for some players over others.

Players can freeze their accounts for a certain time. The administration introduced this opportunity to prevent gambling addiction.

If you need to change some information in your account (indicate a new e-mail address, updated passport data, etc.), please turn to the customer support team in written form.

The creation of multiple accounts is illegal. It entails administrative consequences, penalties, complete blocking of accounts on a casino website and the resources of partner providers.

What Happens if the Internet Connection is Interrupted while Playing?

If the server received the information about a bet before the connection was terminated, the session will be ended, winnings and bonuses will be credited automatically.

If the game is interrupted before the bet is placed, the result of the draw will be cancelled. The deposit amount will automatically be returned to your account.

The game server accepts the bet at the moment of clicking on the Spin button.

All current game positions are saved on the provider's server. The session is resumed from the moment of interruption and continues from the moment before the disconnection.

I Ran out of Funds while Playing. Can I Add Them to Continue My Gaming Session?

You have the right to replenish your account at any time. It is not necessary to interrupt the game for this.

As a rule, funds are credited to the account almost instantly (depending on the rules of the chosen transfer system). You do not need to refresh the page and undergo re-identification.

I Have Transferred Money to a Casino, but it Has Not yet Come to My Account. When Will it be Credited?

The money is credited to the gaming account immediately after confirmation from your payment system. As a rule, the operation time is from 1 to 5 minutes.

For various reasons (for example, the congestion of a payment agent's servers, low speed of the network connection, etc.), the transfer may be delayed.

If the transferred funds are displayed in the gaming account within 15–30 minutes, please contact the casino support service.

Are There any Algorithm Differences between the Demo and Real Money Games?

In both versions of slots, the game algorithms are identical. The differences can be only in access to various paid options. For example, when starting a demo version, the user cannot participate in the drawing of the accumulative jackpots. This option becomes available only when a gamer deposits a real money bet.

The difference between the demo game and the paid session lies in the change in users’ behaviour. Players often change their strategy of actions. It may give the impression that the free mode has some technical differences.

Can I Play Games from My Mobile Device?

Yes, our website offers a large selection of cross-platform slots in the demo and paid versions. You can use browser extensions or download a mobile app to your device.

Regardless of the selected format, you will get access to full functionality and communication channels with the customer support service, the quick depositing option, and other opportunities for an exciting game.

What Should I Do if the Roulette Wheel is Spinning without Stopping?

The failure can be caused by various factors:

  1. an error in synchronisation with the game server;
  2. ow speed of the network connection;
  3. technical problems with a user’s device;
  4. crash of plugins, etc.

Technically, the request for the game is accepted, the bet is placed, and the winning number is determined (the combination is generated by the system at the moment the Spin button is pressed).

To solve the problem, it is enough to exit the application or close the window in the browser and refresh the page.


Who Will be the Owner of Casino Games after Signing the Contract?

The 2WinPower studio remains the sole owner of casino software.

We conclude a licence agreement with the client for the transfer of software in a closed source format. In return, we provide:

  • technical support of the project and elimination of any failures in the system;
  • multilevel protection of user and commercial data;
  • regular updates of the gaming platform’s program components;
  • the addition of new game and administrative options to the system (at the request of the customer).

If you are the owner of a working casino project, we can offer you a flexible strategy of cooperation on an open-source basis.

For more information about the agreement on the right to use gaming software, please contact our customer support service.

Who is the Owner of the Player Base?

The customer base of a gambling establishment is the property of the buyer. The task of the 2WinPower studio is only to store information on its servers and ensure its security.

All provisions on the methods of transferring and storing user data are obligatory prescribed in the software purchase agreement. You can familiarise yourself with its content at any convenient time. It is enough to send a request to our manager.

What are the Requirements for Connecting the Gaming System?

The procedure for starting a gaming project depends on the selected work format.

If you decide to connect the slot machine website under the White Label program, you just have to choose a supplier, read the terms of the agreement and sign it. Right after the conclusion of the deal, the system will be available for launching and interacting with users.

When buying a turnkey gaming project, it is recommended to make a list of the necessary technical equipment and functional services in advance. After that, just fill out the corresponding application on our website. The preparation and implementation of the project will be handled by 2WinPower specialists.

To start a gambling business, an operator must perform such actions:

  • to register a legal entity;
  • to formalize investment capital in the selected bank;
  • to send a request for the connection to 2WinPower managers.
What is the Casino Demo Used for?

The 2WinPower studio is interested in long-term, mutually beneficial, and transparent cooperation. We are ready to demonstrate the capabilities of our gaming platform at the first request of an operator.

The testing of the system in a free mode allows entrepreneurs to evaluate its structure, functionality, and quality of content. They can work out a strategy for future operations in advance, make a list of possible additions and changes, select a licence from a specific jurisdiction, and relevant payment instruments.

The demo version is provided for 10 days (to extend access, please contact the 2WinPower support team). As a rule, this time is enough to get acquainted with the basic functionality and prepare a future business strategy.

A test mode is a free option.

Is it Possible to Buy Ready-Made Online Slots?

Gaming content from leading developers and a line of exclusive developments from our studio are available to customers.

You can:

  • choose any amount of content;
  • work with only one provider;
  • connect gaming products from several brands at once;
  • expand the catalogue after the launch of the casino website;
  • add and disable particular positions in the library at your discretion;
  • order the development of an exclusive product.
Games from Which Providers Should I Consider?

The 2WinPower catalogue contains top solutions from the most popular developers. We offer:

  • live content;
  • mobile developments;
  • social and instant games;
  • national and commercial lotteries;
  • plot and fruit slots;
  • products in 3D and VR formats.

The choice of content depends solely on your preferences. You can offer both games of the same format, or combine different solutions.

We work with such top suppliers:

  • Amatic;
  • Microgaming;
  • Betsoft;
  • NetEnt;
  • Aristocrat;
  • Vivo Gaming;
  • Igrosoft;
  • Novomatic;
  • EGT, and others.
What Payment Systems Can be Introduced?

Our platform is compatible with major international payment services. You can connect:

  • electronic wallets;
  • bank card payment systems;
  • electronic services PayPal, Neteller, and others;
  • e-voucher program Finstrum;
  • cryptocurrency modules.

We offer a wide selection of payment instruments for local and international markets. Contact our experts, and we will select the best list of products for your business.

How Long Does it Take to Launch an Online Casino after Purchasing the Necessary Software?

The speed of launching a gaming project depends on the personal requirements of a client.

When ordering a platform in the basic configuration, you can start working after 2–3 months. This time is required for debugging the system, adapting it to the requirements of the local regulator, integrating the game library, developing and implementing a design project.

In addition to personalising a casino website, setting up interaction with hosting companies will also take some time.

Our managers and the customer support team are in touch throughout the entire launch period. We take responsibility for technical maintenance and organisational issues. You just have to supervise the project and work on the promotion strategy.

After the pandemic and quarantine restrictions in 2020, many casino customers continue to play games of chance without leaving their homes. The global growth of the digital gambling industry cannot be overstated. According to forecasts of specialists from Grand View Research, the market volume will exceed 127.3 billion dollars by 2027.

Today is the most convenient time to try yourself in the gaming environment and launch your slot machine site. The best tool at the stage of organising a business project is a casino demo with slots from the aggregator studio 2WinPower.

The connection of a gaming platform in a test mode is the safest and most convenient way to try on the role of the owner of a highly profitable start-up without hidden and delayed payments.

Casino Demo from 2WinPower: Composition of the Service

The trial version of online slot machines is a full-fledged entertainment platform with a wide selection of content and settings for customising a web resource. The only difference from a full-scale turnkey gambling project is the time-limited access to the backend.

The product package of a free web casino version

Administrative functions

The connection of a demo casino allows an administrator to:

  • evaluate the functionality of the platform;
  • explore the software components of the project;
  • test the system settings;
  • develop a strategy for further work

Gaming content

The system provides access to the widest selection of slots. Exclusive developments from 2WinPower and products from partner providers are available to customers:

Analytical module

The casino demo version lets an entrepreneur evaluate the effectiveness of his or her investments, develop a step-by-step strategy and a large-scale risk control program.

The solution includes a powerful analytical module with multi-level reports on key business indicators

Platform customisation

Working in test mode allows businessmen to prepare a list of components and services required to work with specific GEOs in advance.

It is possible to:

  • adapt the back office and user interface to an operator’s needs;
  • control the audience's response to particular gaming positions from the catalogue;
  • change the content of the software and its basic characteristics (for example, the range of bets);
  • evaluate the effectiveness of financial instruments, etc.

Integration package

The service includes seamless API connection tools. An entrepreneur will get a free installation package with the opportunity to use the studio’s gambling servers

Technical support

Our team is in touch around the clock, even in test mode. The guide company is ready to provide advice and assistance in any issues related to running a gambling business.

Convenient feedback channels with multi-language interfaces are built into the casino demo

Games of Chance in the Test Mode

Our catalogue contains over 5 thousand offers from the most recognisable suppliers. When ordering the connection of a free casino demo with slot machines, an operator gets the following benefits and opportunities:

  1. The analysis of the audience’s needs. It is possible to evaluate the response of users to a specific product and create a catalogue of current offers for a specific market in the test mode.
  2. The variability of internal settings. You get the opportunity to adjust the betting limits independently. Besides, it is possible to change the return percentage and connect/disconnect slots from cumulative jackpot programs in some products.
  3. Ready-made promotional programs. Free slots are a great way to attract a new audience to an operator’s site and provide customers with a positive gaming experience without the risk of financial losses.

Advantages of the Gambling Platform’s Free Version

We recommend you to connect a casino demo version for the following reasons:

  • quick start (to start working with the system, just contact the 2WinPower manager and order the service);
  • full administrative access (you will be able to work with all internal settings included in the platform package);
  • simple integration (the installation and technical control of the system are carried out by 2WinPower employees, you only have to apply for the connection);
  • platform adaptability (the system’s characteristics can be adapted to working with different GEOs and interacting with a mobile audience even in the basic configuration).

Free Casino Version: Instructions for the Integration

You can connect a free demo version of an online casino in a few clicks — just order this service from 2WinPower experts.

Our specialists will undertake the technical setup of the system. Besides, they will offer you several variants of the product. The basic set of the gaming platform can include the following components:

  • live content and slot machines from partner providers (Greentube, XPG, EGT, Amatic, and other suppliers);
  • additional administrative functions (for example, risk management modules, behavioural control programs, etc.);
  • support for cryptocurrency wallets (gaming platforms with the possibility to accept anonymous bets and payments in digital monetary units).

The Main Things about Gambling Platforms in the Demo Mode

The demo version of online slot machines is a practical, convenient, and safe way to explore the internal structure of the gambling business.

  • You can get access to the main functions of our gambling platform for free. You do not need to pay licence fees, royalties, and other deductions. It will eliminate any investment and risks on your part.
  • The test mode is great for familiarisation with the functionality of a gaming project. You can assess the capabilities of the administrative module, adjust the system for specific markets, and change the content settings independently.
  • The demo access is provided from 10 to 45 days. This period is enough to get acquainted with the nuances of project administration and develop your business model.
To find out more about the features and benefits of the online casino test version, please contact the 2WinPower employees.

We do our best to make your familiarisation with the gambling industry as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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4.5/5 8

Thanks to your team for good gaming software and constant informational support. I plan to order some more new products from your catalogue soon.

The opportunity to download a demo allowed me to test the games before ordering them. I selected several relevant products for my site. Special thanks to the managers who helped me set up the software.

I chose the 2WinPower company due to its worthy work experience and impeccable reputation. I launched my first gambling project. That is why the quality of the service and the relevance of software play a critical role for me.

I recommend games from this brand to all novices. If you need any advice regarding the operation of software and the gambling business in general, consultants will answer your questions. I often turn to them and receive many useful tips)

I diversified my assortment by ordering gaming novelties from 2WinPower. My customers have appreciated them. Online traffic has increased dramatically. It's incredible!

2WinPower specialists helped me choose the perfect gaming solutions for launching my web start-up. They assisted me in developing my business strategy. Thanks for your professionalism!

This is not the first time I have bought software from this provider. I am pleased with constant discounts and special offers. I will continue to cooperate with you guys! Newcomers, you can rely on this company!

I like everything in your solutions: the quality of graphics, musical design, the originality of plots, bonus options, and other features. Your software is ideal for starting an international project. I was convinced of this from my own experience.

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